Can’t Let Go:  Sewing Term, “Sharks Teeth”

….. which is also termed “Point and Tuck”, and is a distant relative of “Prairie Points”.  I hope you’re intrigued enough to keep reading.  “Sharks teeth” lives under the umbrella of “heirloom sewing”.   Heirloom sewing is based on dainty, hand sewn traditional French embellishment of the old days. Learning and exploring the “sharks teeth” technique is… Read More Can’t Let Go:  Sewing Term, “Sharks Teeth”

Chevron in Black and White Stripe

Hi readers! Remember my post about the “Big Fashion Stripe of 2018”? To keep up with Fashion Week, I made this black/white chevron striped cardigan (polyester and acrylic). Is this cardigan on trend? Well, a little bit, because most of the fashion week looks were vertical, thick stripes, bordering on the “Beetlejuice look”.  I personally preferred my… Read More Chevron in Black and White Stripe