Tory Burch’s Fine Handkerchief Aesthetic

Wearable art and other fashionistas in the sewing community have long used old handkerchiefs for fashioning their own fashion and accessories.   Hey, hanky couture enthusiasts, take a look at Tory Burch’s Spring 2020 collection!  What do you think? An enthusiast’s collection of vintage embroidered handkerchiefs are random, individually bought for their hand-embroidered beauty. But the TB collection’s… Read More Tory Burch’s Fine Handkerchief Aesthetic

Haute Couture Collections Worthy of Titania, Queen of Fairies.

All images in this post from the Vogue Runway site. I am so beholden to them. Iris Van Helpern, Haute Couture Fall 2019 If William Shakespeare’s play “Midsummer Night’s Dream” was set in a modern, futuristic backdrop, Titania would wear everything here.  Kidding aside, Haute Couture designer Iris Van Helpern has blown my mind with her… Read More Haute Couture Collections Worthy of Titania, Queen of Fairies.

Chevron in Black and White Stripe

Hi readers! Remember my post about the “Big Fashion Stripe of 2018”? To keep up with Fashion Week, I made this black/white chevron striped cardigan (polyester and acrylic). Is this cardigan on trend? Well, a little bit, because most of the fashion week looks were vertical, thick stripes, bordering on the “Beetlejuice look”.  I personally preferred my… Read More Chevron in Black and White Stripe