Sewing, “……it was really about perfection………”

The title of this post is a partial quote from the book “The Pink Suit”.  Here’s more of the quote to put it in context: “Cut. Trim. Baste. Tuck. Pin. Trim. Stitch. That was what most people thought sewing was about, but they were wrong. It was really about perfection. Each stitch must be exactly… Read More Sewing, “……it was really about perfection………”

7 Ideas For Overcoming Fabric Shortage.

Dear Readers, today’s post is about a challenging shortage of cloth, which turned into an exercise in pattern placement and piecing together. Pattern Vogue 9112 designed by Marcy Tilton has elements which concerned me a little, but the end result was so picturesque that I bought the pattern. You know, that moment of identifying with the young, tall  and slender model… Read More 7 Ideas For Overcoming Fabric Shortage.

Fabric and Molten Glass Integration – LamArte

I’m all about pretty fabric. Yes I’m about fabric for all the gorgeous sartorial reasons; however, seeing a textile where it has not been before, where its showcased yet again in all its beauty, is a great feeling (yup, things get a tad visceral with my textile appreciation). Therefore, this had to be brought to the attention of you, my sewing buddies. Showcased for… Read More Fabric and Molten Glass Integration – LamArte

August Reading: “The Pink Suit”

“…. It was really about perfection….” The partial quote above refers to the art of haute couture sewing in the book The Pink Suit authored by Nicole Mary Kelby. No one wants to revisit tragic events, but I highly recommend the book if you’re looking for a quick late summer read with tons of sewing and haute couture references; and if you’re fashion… Read More August Reading: “The Pink Suit”

I See Nature, I See #Fabric….

The glorious state of Virginia is replete with awesome natural phenomena, including of course, its wondrous countryside. On a recent visit there to hang out with siblings, I saw things in the aforementioned phenomena — fabric and fashion things.  Yup, that’s me – I tend to equate wondrous, visceral experiences with things like sewing, fabric and fashion.… Read More I See Nature, I See #Fabric….